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The Culatello

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Culatello - King of Italian salumi

Culatello di Zibello is heritage and richness of that particular foggy flatland near the big Po river: actually, it is the climate itself which represents a determining factor for the right aging of the King of salumi. The art of making Culatello have been passed on for generations and it houses in itself the history of a land, its people's tradition and the particular climate.
From the cellars in the Po valley, Culatello took a very long time to arrive to the tables of the italian consumers. In fact, for many centuries, the name and the prestige of this salume have been limited to the land of origin: it was people's heritage, who alone could appreciate its fragrance and had to maintain the secret.

The Consortium of the Zibello DOP Culatello has been founded in order to protect quality and representativeness of this great piece of Italian charcuterie.

Culatello can be identified as salume which has been encased in a natural wrapping, usually a dry pork bladder.

Thanks to the prestigious European label of Protected Designation of Origin – PDO (obtained under EC regulation n°1263/96), the consumers have learned to recognize and appreciate the deliciousness of Culatello di Zibello. This product of Italian charcuterie is made with the muscular inner part of the thigh of the pig, opportunely skinned, deboned and finally wrapped up whith twine, giving to the piece of meat its particular “pear” shape. The meat is then salted and seasoned with black pepper and/or garlic. In additon to this, it can be used also extra dry white wine, sodium and/or potassium nitrate in the quantities limited by the strict law regulations.

denominazione origine protettaThe Protected Designation of Origin – PDO – is a quality label of the European Union given – according to precise EC regulations (*) - only to products genuinely originating in that region which gives to them some peculiar qualitative characteristics.

(*) The European Union regulates the concession and use of the PDO Status with the EC regulation n°510/2006 and its implementation regulation n° 1898/06

The production area

Culatello is produced in the flatlands near Po river, in the communes of Busseto, Polesine Parmense, Zibello, Soragna, Roccabianca, San Secondo, Sissa and Colorno, which climate is characterized by long, cold and foggy winters and torrid and sunny summers. The alternation of dry and humid periods allows the slow aging of these salumi, giving to them the distinctive flavours and fragrances which made Culatello famous all over the world.
Nutrition information: Typical values per 100g Culatello

Nutrition Facts Table


Calories kcal 198
  kj 828
Proteins g 19.74
Fat g 12.58
Carbohydrates g nil
Fibres g nil

Market and distribution

Canali di distribuzioneCulatello di Zibello distribution channels – Home market


BLUE - direct sale
RED - traditional retail sale
YELLOW - modern distribution
GREEN - catering industry

Even today, traditional marketing channels are a favoured channel for the product distribution. One of the major challenges of the new association will be to develop modern distribution and at the same time to certify quality and traditional production philosophy.

Culatello di Zibello Academy

First cooking class dedicated to Culatello di Zibello

In collaboration with the famous chef Claudio Sadler, the Consortium for the protection of Culatello di Zibello offers exceptionally a cooking class in the famous Restaurant “Sadler” in Milan.

The cooking class is open to the first 20 people who will join it through this site. The aim is to show how to cook and use Culatello in a variety of delicious recipes of Italian tradition, a unique opportunity to learn the little secrets of this great chef.


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